Application tips - The first impression counts.

不卡高清AV手机在线观看 The first step in your professional career is a vital one. But there's no need to be nervous about applying to Daimler. Because when you make your online application, we'll be with you every step of the way to give you the advice and support you need. So we really look forward to reading your application and getting to know a bit about you.

不卡高清AV手机在线观看Every application is unique. As unique as the person who makes it. The following tips are designed to make it easier for you to apply – and easier for us to assess you.

Quick, easy and fair online application at Daimler.

不卡高清AV手机在线观看Our online application tool makes the application process easier for both you and us. Therefore please submit you application only via the online tool. We are unfortunately unable to accept paper or email applications.

  • When applying, please ensure you are responding to a specific ad for a trainee position or dual study program.
  • Before making your first application to Daimler: register your email address and password with us and submit your profile data. So from then on, your information and application(s) will be stored and protected on our central database.
  • You application documents must be complete: résumé (in tabular form), your last two report cards, personal statement (please use the designated field in the online tool). Any additional documents required will be stated in the job ad.
  • Take care with attachments (e.g. references). Make sure you provide all the information requested. Make sure you get the size and resolution right, and that any scans are legible. Give your documents an appropriate file name and choose a format ending in .doc or .pdf
  • If you have any technical problems, we'll be pleased to help. Just call our hotline on +49 (0)711 179 5126, Monday to Friday, 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.

不卡高清AV手机在线观看Your personal statement is your opportunity to tell us why you are applying for a vacancy with us and why you think you're exactly the right person for the job. Your personal statement can be submitted very easily by entering it into the designated field of the online form.

  • It's important that the statement is all your own work. Avoid using standard, formulaic sentences. And instead of just repeating the words and phrases used in the job ad, try to say things in your own words.
  • Watch out for mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Express yourself clearly and succinctly. Make sure the information you provide is varied and plentiful, but don't repeat yourself.
  • Back up what you say with evidence.
  • Highlight your positive qualities. But remember – be honest, and don't exaggerate.

  • Your résumé should be informative and clearly laid out.
  • Be thorough: don't leave any gaps.
  • Include your extra-curricular activities (work placements, temporary and holiday jobs, volunteering, tutoring, sports training, etc.).
  • Don't forget to include your languages and any other skills (e.g. software knowledge).

不卡高清AV手机在线观看Every job ad includes the criteria that need to be met. You should only apply if you meet these criteria.

Do you anticipate having difficulty in completing the online test (e.g. no PC with internet access, or you have a visual or hearing impairment)? Please let us know what restrictions you have to contend with so that we can find a suitable way for you to take part in the selection process. Please only use this section if you are facing such restrictions, and make sure you mention them in all subsequent applications.

Jobs - Vocational training

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