Statement of Income (Loss) 2018

不卡高清AV手机在线观看 The Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income/Loss as part of the Consolidated Financial Statements presented have been prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as adopted by the European Union (EU).

Group earnings per share

Daimler Group

Daimler can look back on a tradition covering more than 130 years – a tradition that goes back to Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, the inventors of the automobile, and features pioneering achievements in automotive engineering. Today, the Daimler Group is a globally leading vehicle manufacturer with an unparalleled range of premium automobiles, trucks, vans and buses不卡高清AV手机在线观看. Its product portfolio is rounded out by a range of customized financial services and mobility services.

33,067 m

不卡高清AV手机在线观看Gross profit 2018

previous year 34,528 m €

10,595 m

Profit before income taxes 2018

不卡高清AV手机在线观看previous year 13,967 m €

7,582 m

Net profit 2018

不卡高清AV手机在线观看previous year 10,617 m €


不卡高清AV手机在线观看 Earnings per share Basic 2018

不卡高清AV手机在线观看previous year 9.61 €


Earnings per share Diluted 2018

不卡高清AV手机在线观看previous year 9.61 €

-3,013 m

Income taxes 2018

不卡高清AV手机在线观看previous year -3,350 m €

Interactive Annual Report 2018

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